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New Player

Post by Alzoneth »

Hello! Just a new player about to start. Never played RSC but I tried a bit of it and I'm in love. I used to play OSRS but I found that skilling was meaningless and bosses/mini games dropped all the items you could ever need, essentially destroying skilling for me. I'm also not a fan of newe updates as I like original and old games like Ultima Online and Ashen Empires.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and hope to see you out there in the world. :)

Have a good day!
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Re: New Player

Post by Kikkapuu »

Hey! Welcome to one of the best Runescape communities around! :D

I made my account Kikkapuu in 2022 as a viable alternative to OSRS. I have always liked the RS games, played a bit as a kid back in 08', but quit with the release of EOC, as did many. However in 2022 they released OSRS to mobile, and my phone was trash enough, to not play it.

Now I've been playing RSC just because I find it super fun, and also because there is an amazing community. I have asked several people, why they paly RSC, not OSRS for example. Many have said it is because of nostalgia, one even called it "animal crossing for adults". It's true, I guess the average age of players in O-RSC is about 30.

I feel like RSC has an odd charm to it. I like the simplicity. In a way, the game feels more concise, since it has been frozen sometime in the early 2000's, as opposed to piling on 20 years worth of updates. I even bought membership, and made a new account on OSRS, only to find out, it's not really fun. It feels like there are dozens of shortcuts, you don't know about. It's not fun, because the early content is limited to content made again, 20 years ago. It gets more fun, the more you level up, but in my opinion, the journey does not feel fun.

I also love RSC's 3-round mandatory combat, and no eating during combat system. It makes things feel like a real challenge. I have died to Elvarg two times now, but I love that it is so brutal! And finally about skilling, the skill levels on my RSC main are higher than on my OSRS main, because I feel like I have to work for stuff in RSC, and everything works in conjunction.

Rant over.
Hope you enjoy your stay! See you around!
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